AquaBat Water level Logger

Models Range: 10 .. 100 m
Water Services
AquaBAT Logger
Example - long term sensor deployment data plot - UK Jan 2008 to Jan 2011
The battery life for the AquaBAT will depend solely upon the data recording rate and the number of downloads undertaken.
Part Numbers

AquaBAT-Bar          Barometer sensor
AquaBAT-17-RM     17.5 mm diameter RM = range 1,2,5,10 m
AquaBAT-22-RM     22 mm diameter    RM = range 1,2,5,10 m
HDR-Bluetooth        Fibre-to-Bluetooth Interface
Part No. HDR-Bluetooth
Status of Operation by Visual Inspection

The AquaBAT is unique in its operation in that the fibre optic port illuminates when data is being transmitted or when the sensor is looking for communication from the header unit. This means by simply looking into the fibre port; a User can determine if the sensor is operational or when deployed, is still functioning by watching for the LED flash.

For field deployment operations anyone without any training what so ever can be sent to see if the loggers are still operational without any requirement to remove the sensor, download sample data and re-deploy.
Header Unit Connected to
the PDA using Bluetooth
wireless network
Fibre Optic Cable
0 - 100 m
Data is downloaded and stored into a PDA or mobile phone for later analysis.
Windows Mobile 6.4
enabled device.
Illuminated LED
in fibre optical port