Fibre Optic Header Units

For use with the AquaBat Water Level Recorder
Water Services

Battery Powered for Self Contained Operation
Protected Plastic Boot Cover for environment operation
1 x Fibre Optic Port
Bluetooth Connection Status LED
Options for Bluetooth & SDI-12 Network
Free application software - Microsoft Accredited Driver
Easy Battery Replacement - 2 x AA Cells
2 Year Battery Life - Longer depends upon use
Auto-power Off - Protects for accidentally leaving unit on
Header Unit Connected to
the PDA using Bluetooth
wireless network
Fibre Optic Cable
0 - 100 m
Fibre Optic Port
Fibre optic cable
316 Stainless Steel or better
2.2 mm External diameter - 1 mm diameter core plastic multi-mode fibre Single mode fibre for long distance operations
High Impact Resistant Plastic Case
L150 x W 90 x D 30 mm - Including protective case
Spray resistant
Battery Type
9V PP3
Data Comms
Speed 38 Kb  - Fibre Optic link  only
450Kb   - Bluetooth Cable Free Link
Operating Temp
- 20 to + 60 Deg C
Battery Life
Greater than 2 yrs - 500 downloads
Low  voltage warning in software                             Battery included as standard.            
Automatic clock synchronisation via host
Typical   fibre comms < 120 m
Bluetooth comms < 15 m
Bluetooth Device

The Header unit operates as the communications interface between the AquaBat water level logger and an external data storage/Configuration device.  The device running the applications package can be anything such as a PDA, mobile phone or similar than can use the Microsoft Mobile Version 6 or greater operating system.
Fibre optic Header units for use with the AquaBAT water level recorders
Status LED Operations

The operation of the Header unit from power on to communication to the AquaBat is shown visibly using a series of LED indicators mounted on the front panel.
Fibre optic
Windows Mobile 6.0
enabled device.
Last updated: Nov 2010
Part No. HDR-Bluetooth