Vibrating Wire Sensor Analyser Goetechnical Solutions + 44 (0)118 3276067 Part No:  VibWire-201-Pro        -    Vibrating Wire Sensor Display - Analyser & Logger Unit VibWire-201-Pro  Product Data Sheet


Lightweight, Portable  & Rugged

Compatible with most manufactures vibrating wire sensors

Real-time displays  Freq (Hz), Digits (Hz2/1000), SI-Units, Spectra

FFT Spectral based algorithms for interference free measurements

Auto-resonance excitation 400 - 15 K Hz range - minimises sensor stress

Fully configured sensor operations

Large data storage - 100 million readings - SD Flash Cards to 32 Gb

Fast data recording - 1 sec to 1 hour logging intervals

No Vibrating Wire Sensor Prior operating conditions required

Expandable to 32 channels using MUX-16/32 unit

SDI-12 and RS-485 ports for remote network connection

Optional radio interfaces for cable free operations

Easy to understand results


The VibWire-201-Pro has a range of optional extras that can be used to allow

the device to operate for a wide range of applications.

Nylon Carry Case with Window

Isolated USB to RS-485 media converter

  - Used for remote measurement to a across PC across an RS-485 network.

Isolated USB to SDI-12 network media converter

  - Used for remote measurement to a across PC across an SDI12 network.

Hard Protective case

   - Stores device on site & holds spare batteries and SD cards.

Expansion unit giving the device expansion for

32 x 2 wire                 -  Frequency inputs

32 x Thermistor          -  Temperature

16 x 4 wire                -   16 x Frequency & 16 x Temperature

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The VibWire-201-Pro is a low cost vibrating wire sensor read-out unit, Spectral analyser and remote sensor interface all contained in a single device. The unit is robust and suitable for use on site or in a laboratory environment.

The device can connect directly onto RS-485 and SDI-12 networks and can be used with third party systems to create  flexible monitoring system applications.

The Q-LOG software gives full user control to measurements made across both cable and wireless networks for single channel and expanded devices including 3rd part sensors.

Network Solutions

The VibWire-201-Pro is a very flexible device and can be used for many vary applications. The device acts as a slave sensor on a network regardless if this is a standard wired network, or cable free application. The images below shows how the device can be used on a cable free RS-485 network.

Manufactured by Keynes Controls Ltd USB-485-Pro Isolated USB to RS-485 converter USB-485-Pro Isolated USB to RS-485 converter Results Display Accessories