Data Recording and Display Software

Q-LOG is the Keynes Controls Data Recording and Display software and has been designed solely for use with intelligent sensors. Sensor interfaces and remote data acquisition systems. The software operates as a stand-alone package and uses the range of SDI-12 and RS-485 media converters for communications across the different types of network.

Q-LOG gives the User a simple Windows environment for setting up and using intelligent sensors supporting the SDI-12 or RS-485 digital communications and standard command structure. 3rd party sensors from most other manufacturers can be integrated into an application with without any programming knowledge being required.

Additional sensors and networks can be added to a PC by simply adding an additional media converter to any free USB port.

The data from each individual network is stored into a separate log file in CSV format. This makes for simple examination by a spread sheet or for storage into a database. A series of panel meters and trend plots can be configured to display real time results and these can be left active for the operator.

A free limited version of this software restricted to 10 ID numbers per network is available to download. The 10 ID numbers can be any sensor or interface with up to 256 columns of data.
Microsoft XP, 7 Support
Sets the pressure units to mH20
Sets the pressure units to ftH20
Sets the pressure units to inH20
Sets the pressure units to bar
Sets the pressure units to psi
Queries the pressure unit with setting a value.
Remote Data Acquisition Solutions
EZ-LOG is the Keynes Controls remote data acquisition application for acquiring and forwarding data from the companies range of remote monitoring systems.

A single web page is all that is required to configure this application and to receive data in the form of an attachment to an E-mail. It takes only a key clicks of to assign the logger details and User E-mail address required to receive data into this application.

Data Processing & Storage

The free Q-Log applications software is used to sort out, record and display the data from the remote systems. The incoming data is saved to a CSV (Comma separated variable) file for analysis in 3rd party applications such as a spreadsheet.

Real-time Display

As each new e-mail is received Q-log scans the new attachment file for the latest data and updates the log file, charts and panel meter display. The panel meter display shows the latest value that has been received, and remains in this state until a new E-mail is received.
Sensor Configurations  

Q-LOG supports the ability to add custom commands for a specified sensor. So long as a sensor supports the standard SDI-12/RS-485 command structure similar to those shown below, then they can be added into the configuration files and a new sensor menu system can be created.
All of the Keynes Controls sensors and interfaces are supported and their features can be accessed using a simple pull down menu system.
The commands shown in the table below are used by the PIEZO-RM range of level sensor and can be accessed by the menu system within Q-LOG.
Q-Log Application
Follow the instructions in the Installer program and the software will install automatically.
The Q-LOG file is zip file format and so should download without any problems
Professional Version of Q-LOG enables up to
36 sensors or instruments on a network
Select image to download
a free copy of Q-log
0 .. 1000 m
+ 485
- 485
RS-485 network   1 .. 36
Instruments / sensors
Sensor 30 .. 39
EZ-Log Remote Data Acquisition Web Interface
Basic Remote GRPS Mobile Phone
Network Data Logger & Interface
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on-line demo
Fully expandable remote GPRS data logger system. Supports all of the Keynes Controls sensors and interfaces.
1 .. 256 inputs.
USB sensor Interface
Remote Monitoring Solutions