Data Communications & Logger  Interface
Geotechnical Instrumentation
1 x SDI-12 Port v1.03 with enhanced ID No. Support
Immersion Proof Enclosure
Switched Power/Alarm  Outlets
GPRS / Wi-Fi Modem - EZi-Log Web Interface
Optional - USB Flash Memory Support
256 x 8000/ 64 x 32000 Data Table Options
Terminal Configuration - No software
drivers required
Supports full SDI-12 V1.3
Advanced Power management
Mathematical Formulae Support
Real time clock accuracy
Temperature Compensated
> ± 1 min /Yr
Internal Data Storage Procedure
Spreadsheet format table
User selectable
250 x 8000 rows (Standard)
64 x 32000 rows (small )
Recording Modes
Single Shot
Circular Buffer
High Speed on Alarm Detection
USB Flash memory storage
To 16 GB storage
Alarm Outputs
4 x Switched outputs
6 x Alarm trigger options
Switched Modem Excitation
Reset / Power off modem
When not in use
Power Supply
8 - 18 V DC
Current Drain     
2 mA active
30 uA standby
4 mA    Analogue Scan
20 mA  Vibrating Wire Scan
Physical Dimensions
165 x 58 x 28 mm
Excluding mounting tabs
Network Support
VHF/UHF Radio Modem
Spread Spectrum Radio
Satellite Modem
GPRS / Wi-Fi Modem
Ports Options
1 x SDI-12  Port V1.03
Real-time display
USB memory expansion
1 - 16  GB
Protected Inputs
Gas discharge for SDI-12 network ports
Immersion proof - safe from flooding
Data Processing
Statistics, trigonometric conversion - results engineering units
Terminal Port
VT 100 compatible menu system Supported by any terminal emulator package.
Updated 10/7/2012
The AquaLOG is a general purpose data logger and communications interface that has been designed for remote, stand-alone applications. The device is supplied in an immersion proof enclosure. Two User set memory models 64 x 32000 rows or 256 x 8000 rows for large number of sensor applications

The AquaLOG uses a simple in-built menu system to give the User access to configuration options.  All sensor data is stored into a spreadsheet format data table in order to make recording applications simple to understand.

Data can be converted into SI engineering units by using the in-built maths functions.
AquaLOG Data Logger
Wi-Fi Module
EZi-Log Web Interface
Vibrating Wire
AquaData Analogue
Sensor Interface
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Part No.  NP-WiFi-modem
Part No.  AquaLog
Wi-Fi Logger Site
Wi-Fi - Internet Access Point

The AquaLOG is a general purpose low cost data recorder and communication interface for use with intelligent SDI-12 network sensors.

The device can operate stand-alone, or when part of a larger system used to communicate data over the GPRS mobile / Wi-Fi cable free networks onto the EZi-Log data server on the Internet.

The AquaLog unit is supplied in a dust proof, moisture proof enclosure.
The Wi-Fi modem connects the AquaLog to any industry standard
Wi-Fi networks.