Data Acquisition Systems NetPod 4003 - 24 Bit High Precision measurements Fully Synchronised Structural Measurements Easy Systems Expansion - No configuration file changes Full in-house manufacture for speed of supply And Quality Control. Modular ConstructionIndividual Sensor Input Isolation Individual Sensor ExcitationShort Circuit Protection Sample Rate Following Digital FiltersNetPod 4003 Series Instruments Interface Cards4 Channel Analogue Building Blocks Simple InstallationBuilt-in Calibration Factors Features Network-2Network-1 NetPodEthernet Hub / Switch NetPod 4004/4005 Series Instruments Ethernet LAN Ethernet LAN

Wide Range Interface Cards

Third Party Software Support

In-house Repair & Calibrations

Data Analysis & Recording PC Stand-alone Automatic Reporting SolutionsVibration Capture & E-mail Reporting Solutions Automatic Reporting Solutions Easy Experimental Setup Simple Building Blocks E-mail Data Reporting Solutions Provider