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AquaLOG Data Logger & Comms Interface

General purpose data logger unit supporting SDI12 communications and supplied complete with a modem port and terminal setup port.

32K x 64 Cell / 8K x 256 Data Table - User Selectable

Advanced Power Management

No programming experience required

Terminal Port Configuration - No driver software required


AquaLOG Full Network Expansion - 1 .. 250 sensor Inputs Automatic Data Reports via EZi-LOG across GPRS mobile phone network Vibrating Wire Sensors Interface Support Strain Gauge / Load Cell Sensor Support - 1/4, 1/2, Full Bridge - 120 to 1 K Ohm Gauges Modular Construction - Complete systems support Remote Data Collection Sensors & Interfaces PC Data Recording & Display
Unlimited Data Storage Multiple Network Strings - RS485/SDI12 Remote Data Access - FTP CSV format data file - Comma Separated Variable USB Port Sensor Excitation USB-SDI12-Pro Media Converter

Free Q-LOG Application Software

Windows XP, 7 & 8 Support

User Defined Formula

1 .. 128 Panel Meter Display


On-screen Alarm System

Vibrating Wire Sensor Linearisation

Database Feed

3rd Party Sensor Support


The PC data acquisition systems are typically created using the USB media converters and a range of intelligent sensors or interface units. There is no limit to the number of sensors that can be used, the amount of data storage and offer full Internet connectivity.

VibWire-108 VW Interface Thermocouple Measurements
Complete Ready to Install Solutions - or component parts. Contact US Go Home Web Shop Download Q-LOG Download a free copy of Q-LOG at Ezi-Log Copyright Keynes Controls 2015-2016 Tel: 0118 327 6067 This protects the devices dust and the ingress of moisture and water. All of the single channel cards can be fitted inside the custom environmentally seal plastic enclosure. Part No. NP-Case-1 Custom Sensor Interfaces SDI-12 RS-485 Modbus over RS-485 Any third party data logger or network media converter can be used with the cards Any of the many different types of intelligent sensor interface cards manufactured by Keynes Controls can be used With the AquaLOG data recorder and any 3rd party device supporting industry standard SDI-12 / 485 commands. Barometer Sensors SDI-12 Modbus over 485 RS-485